What's in a Name?

Where does the name Cantersteen comes from?

Today, Cantersteen or Kantersteen is a short, large and very busy street in the centre of Brussels. Located between the Marché au Bois/Houtmarkt and the Place de l’Albertine/Albertineplein, the Cantersteen Street does not have any private house anymore. One side of the street is almost completely occupied by Brussels Central Station and on the other side you find shops and office buildings.
Until the start of the restructuring of the North-South trail in the late 1930’s, the Cantersteen street was part of the “de Putterij” district and was an animated street full of little shops, restaurants and pubs.

The name of the street comes from the “steen” – a house built in stone and not in wood – where the cantor of the Saint-Gudule Cathedral, Henri de Pipenpoy lived until his death around 1220.


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