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The Social Commission is a core activity of and is steeped within the Rotary club Cantersteen tradition, in that numerous members assume ongoing tasks of social care over the year. Progress of activities is reviewed and steered at fortnightly meetings.

Social sponsorship is offered to a number of smaller scale initiatives, but allowing for broader, personal involvement of several Rotarians.

The projects are sponsored in kind, through ongoing contributions and a yearly major social event.

2006 : Fashion on Wheels
2007: Grand Casino Event (more info here)

Specific project sponsorship is retained subject to due consideration of the following criteria:

  • Proximity of the project – local Brussels character
  • Modest scale
  • Degree with which social fabric is maintained or enhanced
  • High connectivity in terms of potential problem occurrence
  • Extent of sponsorship leverage for the club in comparison to already well endowed projects
  • Potential for recurrent, long-term club relationship

This year, the following 2 projects have been sponsored:


This is a Dutch primary school, located in the center of Brussels, right across from Cesar de Paepe hospital, aimed at offering experience-based and integration fostering tuition

The initiatives sponsored are:

  • Ongoing legal advice for matters relating to general liability and subsidy procurement
  • Financial advice and assistance
  • Dutch language immersion tuition classed offered to sixth-graders, mostly of minority ethnic background
  • Major characteristics:
    • Number:14 students
    • Tuition period: 15 weeks
    • Frequency: 1x a week for 1. ½ hrs on Wednesday afternoon
    • Tuition offered by EHSAL language students
    • Tuition style: playful, alternative, entertaining fashion

De Sleutel

This is a network geared at drug treatment and prevention. It is an institution embedded in the non-profit organisation of the Brothers of Charity. It is aimed at care, prevention and research in the field of drugs and drug addiction problems and dependency.

The Sleutel institution consists of a central department, ambulatory facilities and social workplaces, each of them with their own specific characteristics according to the region and in cooperation with other partners active in the drug treatment area in that region. Our multi-modal initiatives are aimed at all aspects of drug abuse and addiction. Our modular approach tackles the complex problem of drug use at various levels, from initial contact and ambulatory crisis reception to long-term rehabilitation and social re-integration. All modules are characterised by specific client profiles and needs.

These treatment facilities are spread throughout Flanders and Brussels, linked by central management and a common mission. That mission is to help drug addicts and their environment optimize self-realization and re-integration through quality care and the development of social skills.

For more information (in Dutch and in English) please visit De Sleutel’s website here.

Initiatives sponsored are:

  • Financial advice and assistance
  • Ongoing legal advice for matters relating to subsidy procurement, especially in relation to broadening the activity scope within the Brussels region


From our friend Guy Liagre we received these pictures to show us the reach we have with our social commission...

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