Chartered in 2001, Rotary Club Brussels Cantersteen is an originally Dutch-speaking club that decided in 2006 to evolve into a Dutch/English-speaking club and serve the Flemish as well as the international community of Brussels. Expatriates interested in enlarging their business circle and enjoying camaraderie with Brussels-based professionals (Belgians and other nationalities) are now welcome to join Rotary Club Brussels Cantersteen.

Rotary Club Brussels Cantersteen was founded with the support of the Rotary Club Brussel Coudenberg (the first Dutch-speaking club in Brussels) and RC Bruxelles (the first Rotary Club founded in Belgium in 1923.

Rotary Club Brussels Cantersteen is a young (average age 49 years), dynamic, open-minded club of professional and business leaders of the wider Brussels community. Its members strive for a high standard of quality and integrity, while possessing a flexibility of attitude and mind. They enjoy a good ambiance, in all respects.

The weekly, statutory meetings of RC Brussels Cantersteen take place on Tuesday evening, at 19.00 hours in the Stanhope hotel, rue du Commerce 9, 1000 Brussels.

Like in every other Rotary Club (RC), the members of RC Brussels Cantersteen have strong commitment to charitable works, both local and global. Next to fundraising events, we organise member activities that aim to strengthen the friendship between the members and their family. Some examples are:

• Dinners with guest speakers
• Company visits
• Cultural excursions
• International trips
• Family activities

Rotary Brussels Cantersteen is part of Rotary International, a world-wide organization of 1.2 million business and professional leaders, founded in 1905 by a Chicago attorney, Paul Harris.

Today, there are 10.338 Rotarians in Belgium and Luxemburg in 252 clubs (30 October 2010).


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